How to Subscribe to the E-learning Website

To sign up to the e-learning website do the following:

1. Click the link:


2. Click Register on the toolbar. The following dialog box will open:




3. Enter your username.

A username is your whatsapp/mobile number. Prefix GH to your whatsapp/nunber to your number if you’re subscribing from Ghana (e.g., GH0507283958). Note the prefixes for some countries:

  • GH – Ghana
  • SL – Sierra Leone
  • GN – Guinea
  • NG –¬†Nigeria
  • GA – Gambia
  • LB – Liberia

4. Enter your email (in lowercase, e.g.,

5. Enter your password. Note that passwords are case-sensitive

6. Ignore Want to be become an instructor?

7. Click and provide answer to the arithmetic given

8. Click to accept Terns of Service

9. Click SIGN UP

Note that you’ll receive a notification on your registration via your email.


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